Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blog Outsourcing

I love the fact that someone outsourced me to do a blog. This can be seen here.

Here is what I wrote. I just made some minor updates.

Happy Hump Day Wednesday! It is already Wednesday afternoon as I write this, with the weather a bit drizzly and all.

Anyway, this is my first-ever TMA (and hopefully not the last), so I aim to please.

I am a twitter addict (you can follow me here) and I have been tweeting lately about Filipino basketball. The Philippines is currently locked in a battle to qualify for the FIBA World Championships in Memo and Hedo's turf. The qualifying tournament is currently ongoing as of the moment in China, with the Philippines advancing to the quarterfinals. Our next game against the loser of the China-Jordan match later 7pm local time. The pressure is on as it will be win-or-go-home. If you can't sleep (with the time difference and all, you can watch via live streaming here. Said site also provides a good venue as to what you can watch here in the islands.

Onto the links:

Someone shares his top 5 fave running backs. Time to do the Ickey.

Pitino did not admit to juicing, but he did admit to this

Speaking of juicers....

Guess who's back again? Dust off an old Steve Young jersey or maybe this guy's.

They are already imposing with their demigod, but do you really want to tinker with something that works with something like this?

The Mets are bad, so bad that it could be this epic.

Yes, it has been that long since that weekend for John Daly.

A very compelling rivalry. Can Bob's boys finally get it over the hump in Azteca?

Here is an interesting boxing match scheduled in between JMM-PBF and Pacquiao-Cotto for fight fans.

Speaking of Pac-Man: My countryman has a chance of winning a belt in an unprecedented 7th weight class. Andre Berto thinks he can beat the p4p icon, according to a tweet he sent me.

Check out some falling stars.

Finally, on Sunday, my alma mater won against my arch rival. Before reading up on the story of the game here and here, read this. It is a good background on how we value the sport.

You can see my blog and check my own pictures documenting my social life as well.

Here is a parting shot, lovingly dedicated for Knick fans who want some guy in Cleveland.

P.S. if you want to do the dance...

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