Sunday, June 7, 2009

the Balangay and its quest for greatness

Foreword: I believe that circumnavigation is a sport, so this deserves to be posted here

Amidst the hard rain that poured on last week, I had the privilege to be invited to see the Balangay that is nearly completed along the Manila Bay. This project by the Kaya ng Pinoy Inc., aims to retrace the migration our ancestors took a long time ago.

With pretty much using the equipment and the skill and craftsmanship that was needed in building the balangay, as it is authenticated by what is in the National Museum and by the Badjaos that built the vessel, this ship will be ready to launch on the 24th of June. Hopefully, I would be able to witness the event.

In addition to the authenticity of construction, navigation will also be authentic. They are to use the sun, stars, wind, clouds waves and birds as their guides in the journey.

This is the planned timetable in their circumnavigation quest.

2009: from Manila to Sulu / Tawi-Tawi then crossing into Sabah
2010: Southeast Asia (possibly retracing the old local trade routes)
2011: Micronesia and Madagascar (where some of our artifacts have allegedly reached)
2012-13: the global circumnavigation attempt

Under the stewardship of Art Valdez and led by the Philippine Everest team (of Channel 2 fame), it is aimed that we Filipinos of the Malay race, can do anything as long as we can get our minds to it.

I wish them well. Kaya ng Pinoy ito.

Here is our picture with the Balangay:

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