Friday, June 12, 2009

Game 4 post-script

The Magic lost in OT. I wonder how come? Let's look back at the events I highlighted:

1. Is Kobe tired? Does he have enough gas? What will he put up now with all the criticism being hurled at him right now?

He went 11/31 shooting for 32 pts. He went perfect from the ft line. Oh, and he had 7 boards and 8 assts. He had lots of help in the comeback, like 16 pts (all in the
2nd half from Trevor "I will be paid" Ariza.

2. Can Orlando shoot the ball well like what they did in Game 3? Can they approximate it? Will it rain threes?

Obviously, not. However, they shot decently well in the first half before that mess of a second half and OT came about. They shot 42% overall and 33% beyond. To reflect the bad shooting, 22/37 from the FT line. Just 7 conversions from long distance.

3. Can Rafer follow-up Game 3 with a respectable performance in Game 4? Ditto with Pietrus?

Alston was playing well early, but come the fourth quarter, they were going with Jameer Nelson. Jameer was doing fine, but this indecisive play with the hot hand situation has killed the Magic. Final numbers from Skip: 27+ minutes, 11 pts (5/13 shooting), 1 reb, 1 stl and 2 assts. Jameer, on the other hand, 25+ minutes, 2 pts (1/3 shooting), 3 rebs, 3 assts. Somehow, SVG keeps on botching this move. No offense to JJ Redick and how he is giving an effort, why did Courtney Lee just get 7 minutes?

4. What will be the rebounding story? 5 rebounds from Pau and Lamar combined is not good.

Even with the big men in early foul issues, the Lakers were only outrebounded by 2. Pau with another double-double. Lamar only had 9 and 5 due to foul issues. Dwight had 21 and set a Finals record with 9 rejections.

5. Andrew Bynum. Will he ever emerge in this series?

6 pts, 2 rebs 5 fouls. 15 minutes. he is now an afterthought. Derek Fisher emerged with that game-tying three.

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