Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reading through the stat line

I have a copy of the stats of the two games the Lakers and the Magic played this season.

Both games were won by the Magic (1st meeting 106-103 @ Orlando, 2nd meeting 109-103 @ LA). Here is what we can pick up from it:

1. Jameer is huge. Both games featured awesome performances from the All-Star. He got hurt on February, so what we get from him will be a huge question mark. He was 11/16 for 27 pts @ Orlando and 9/18 for 28 pts @ LA.

2. Derek Fisher was logging very heavy minutes (41 minutes in both games). Jordan Farmar was unavailable in both games and Shannon Brown was still a Bobcat.

3. Kobe was not exactly stellar shooting the ball both games (45 and 38 percent shooting). He took 26 and 31 shots in both games.

4. Dwight will go to the line. 15 and 16 FT attempts both games. Bynum only managed around 12 minutes in their first meeting.

5. Magic had 12 3-pt conversions in both games. Both games shooting over 40 percent. Need to address Laker perimeter defense.

You want to analyze it on your own?

This is their first meeting, and this is their second meeting.

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