Friday, June 5, 2009

Game 1 post-script

Lakers won Game 1 of the NBA Finals quite handily, and as Bill Plaschke would say, "It's over." The great Phil Jackson is 43-0 in series that his team won Game 1. However, these are the same Magic that ended a 32-0 stretch Boston had when the Celtics own a 3-2 edge in a best-of-seven series.

Let's see what transpired.

1. I missed out on the start of the game, but looked nip and tuck.
2. despite news on the contrary, Jameer Nelson played and he looked mighty fine.
His statline c/o yahoo: 23+ minutes, 3/9 shooting (0/2 3pt), 2 rebs, 4 assts (1 turnover), 6 pts
There is a point of improvement, but when you miss four months of playing time, that is ok. he did not exactly let himself get eaten alive. In fact, he keyed steady play for the Magic in the 2nd quarter to get them a small lead.
3. 10 straight points by the Lakers guaranteed they retain the lead until the rest of the game. It was keyed by attacking Courtney Lee in the low post.
4. Kobe took over. 16 pts in the 3rd quarter to pull away. Ends up with 40 points.
5. Defense. Defense. Defense. Magic shot less than 30% overall. Just 35% from long distance.
6. Remember how Kendrick Perkins gave Dwight fits in their series? Andrew Bynum has that potential (if he can stay away from foul trouble). Dwight took just 6 shots, making 1. (However, he was 10/16 from the FT line).
7. When your leading scorer has only 14 pts and it is Mickael Pietrus, there are issues. Rashard only had 8 pts.
8. There might be some issues with the rotation from SVG. When you have a Tony Battie appearance early in the game, there might be a problem.
9. Rafer Alston is a type of guy who needs minutes to play better.
10. Laker supporting cast were present. Lamar Odom held his own. Double-Double. Pau had a quiet 19 pts. 9 and 9 from Bynum. Fisher scored 9 pts early. Luke Walton came off the bench to score 9.
11. Gortat will get paid. Some team will overpay for the Polish Hammer.

Time to move on. Live Blog again for Game 2.

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