Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Best Laker team of all-time?

I had a brief conversation with Rico Robles last night. He is a huge Laker fan, pleased that the Lakers are in the Finals. He says that the best Laker team was the Kobe-Shaq team when they had Glen Rice, which I presume is the 2000 team. If you recall, the signature moment of that team was that comeback against the Blazers. I digress.

Let's see who was on that roster:

Their Starting Line-up for most of that season was Shaq, Kobe, AC Green, Ron Harper and Glen Rice.

Their key reserves were Rick Fox, Brian Shaw, Robert Horry and a young Derek Fisher.

Their roster fillers were Tyronn Lue, Devean George, Travis Knight, John Salley, Sam Jacobson and John Celestand

They won 67 games and beat the Pacers for the title.

I digress, because this smacks instant history. I contend that two eras are better than the Shaq-Kobe Era. I am speaking of the Showtime era and the 71-72 Lakers.

the 71-72 Lakers still have that ridiculous 33-game streak that no one could come close, and this team lost Elgin Baylor to retirement 9 games into the season.

Lineup consists of: Gail Goodrich, Jerry West, Jim McMillan, Happy Hairston, Pat Riley, Wilt Chamberlain, Flynn Robinson, Leroy Ellis, Jim Cleamons, Keith Erickson and John Trapp.

They won 69 games and beat the Knicks for the title.

Thanks to basketball-reference for the stats.

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