Monday, June 1, 2009

Disneyland vs Disney World

It has been decided that the Larry O'Brien Trophy will be wagered by Orlando and LA. Two teams with a tinge of Walt Disney being covered by a television network owned by Disney (ABC).

The Finals schedule is as follows (thanks to this for the information)

Game 1: June 4 9PM ET (9AM June 5 in Manila)
Game 2: June 7 8PM ET (8AM June 8 in Manila)
Game 3: June 9 9PM ET (9AM June 10 in Manila)
Game 4: June 11 9PM ET (9AM June 12 in Manila)
Game 5: June 14 8PM ET (8AM June 15 in Manila)
Game 6: June 16 9PM ET (9AM June 17 in Manila)
Game 7: June 18 9PM ET (9AM June 19 in Manila)

Take note that Games 5-7 are only if necessary. Remember that it is the 2-3-2 format.

I will write the Finals preview on the day before game 1.

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