Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Curious Case of Jameer Nelson

Last February, Jameer Nelson had "season-ending" surgery to fix his torn labrum on his shoulder.

Apparently, they did not forecast that they would still be in the hunt now, as the team intends to keep Jameer active in the Finals roster, albeit as an "emergency PG." He has been cleared to practice and might be ready to go.

It is interesting because both Magic victories against the Lakers this season were with Jameer not having the surgery.

His teammates expect that he will play. The coaching staff surely look pessimistic, but I think they are chomping at the bit as to what they can do with Jameer.

The GM prefers that he pass a litany of tests to ensure he is really ready for the season.

I think he plays. I think he plays well enough to steal minutes from Rafer, Lee and Pietrus. The fact we are talking about this means he has taken Tyronn Lue's spot and Anthony Johnson's minutes.

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