Friday, June 19, 2009

Hope and Philippine Basketball

There is a glimmer of light in the state of Philippine hoops yet in its quest for basketball greatness.

Step One: They (as expected) dominated the opposition earlier this month in the SEABA Championships held in Indonesia.

The road to it was paved with the following scores:

100-73 vs Malaysia
103-64 vs Indonesia
117-69 vs Singapore
98-68 vs Indonesia (championship)

Step Two: They secured what could be a favorable draw in the FIBA-Asia Qualifiers for the World Basketball Championships that will be held in Turkey on 2010.

Group Draw:
Group A: Japan, Korea, Philippines, Sri Lanka.
Group B: Chinese Taipei, Iran, Kuwait, Uzbekistan.
Group C: China, India, Kazakhstan, Qatar.
Group D: Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE.

The Top 3 teams on each division will advance into a two-division set-up with A and B paired together and C & D paired together. The teams from A will play the teams from B and C will play D. Top 4 of the AB group and CD Group will enter knockout phase. E1 faces F4, E2 faces F3, E3 faces F2 and E4 faces F1.

We stand a good chance. Go Team Pilipinas!

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