Thursday, June 4, 2009

The X-Factors in the Finals

Here are three people from both teams whom I think might be the key to title 15 for the Lakers or the Magic winning their first championship.


1. Jameer Nelson - not 100% from a torn labrum he suffered from a game in Dallas last February. Is he ready to take around 10-15 minutes? Willis Reed potential here.

2. Mickael Pietrus - the key reserve tasked to defend Kobe Bryant. He was huge in the ECF against Cleveland.

3. Rafer Alston - how will he take having reduced minutes? Can he dish it out the same way Jameer had against Fisher? Is he really better than the combined 3-headed PG rotation?


1. Sasha Vujacic - He is having a disastrous playoffs so far. The Machine needs work and Kobe is tired because of it. He needs to be a contributor for the Lakers to win. 1 pt in 26 combined minutes against the Magic this season, missing all of his nine attempts.

2-3. Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown - One reason Jameer was awesome against the Lakers is Fisher logging heavy minutes. Can these two get at least 20 quality minutes per game and keep the old guy fresh?

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