Monday, January 10, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - 1/10 edition

Welcome to today's edition of The Victory Formation.

Later tonight (in my case being tomorrow morning), it will be the BCS National Championship Game featuring the Auburn Tigers (a.k.a War Eagles) powered by UnderArmour against the Oregon Ducks powered by Nike. I am sure we will be covering it in our own little simplistic way, the way we do it best.

The key will be which defense can pull off the necessary stops against the imposing offenses devised by each squad. Any turnovers produced would really benefit as the University of Phoenix Stadium will become a scoring slot machine. Special teams would be crucial, too. Anyway, I'll just look back and enjoy this game, still hoping for a miracle of a split title with TCU. No matter how unlikely that might be.

Anyway, as for me, in a few days, I will be going to go on a brief 2-day family vacation to Vietnam, specifically Ho Chi Minh City. Hope I can find some neat Viet Cong stuff for me to take home. That story could be coming to you, next week.

Hereforth are the links you may have missed:

Yep. The Seahawks ensured we will have new Super Bowl Champions this season. (c/o The Modesto Press)

This is probably the most apt video adaptation of the Marshawn Lynch TD Run. (c/o The SportsGrid)

What now for the Who Dat nation? (c/o The New Orleans Times-Picayune)

Peyton Manning left too much time on the clock for Mark Sanchez (more like Nick Folk, actually). (c/o NFL Fanhouse)

Seeing that the Jets won, the Ravens turned it up a notch to send a notice to Pittsburgh. (c/o Sports Illustrated)

Football serves as therapy for Ed Reed. (c/o NY Daily News)

If David Akers made two field goals... (c/o Philadelphia Inquirer) or if not for Michael Vick puling off a football Favre (c/o San Francisco Chronicle).

NBC stumbled into ratings gold. (c/o TV By The Numbers)

Apparently, the 4-3 formation is still a relevant defense. (c/o the Windy City Gridiron)

Jeff Fisher hopes he can pull off what Lovie Smith just did. (c/o The Tennessean)

Talk about being eternally optimistic... (c/o Cincy Jungle)

What has John Elway been doing? (c/o

Obviously, the first thing he would ask them is a guarantee that they will have a real QB running the offense. (c/o Arizona Republic)

If you want to get interesting stuff on your Twitter stream, you can follow this guy. (c/o Fox 59 Indianapolis)

I am sure Kurt Warner suggested this. (c/o Chicago Bears)

The Worst Coaches of the NFL. Let them know if there were egregious omissions. (c/o Bleacher Report)

Who wants Nnamdi, please raise your hand and offer a contract, please? Thank you. (c/o San Jose Mercury News)

The finalists have been named. Who will make it? Provide your pitch. (c/o Bloomberg)

SNL with another humor football bit. (c/o Gawker)

At least Jim Harbaugh gets to stay at home. (c/o Stanford Daily) So what will Stanford do internally (c/o Fox News) and externally (c/o SB Nation Bay Area)?

Chip Kelly must have been inspired by the Navajo. (c/o Deadspin)

Patrick Peterson looks like he's heading out. (c/o Shreveport Times)

Hungry Like the Wolf. (c/o Los Angeles Times)

Not exactly Dewey beats Truman, but still a gaffe nonetheless. (c/o Opposing Views). Apparently, the Yankees were approached by the Rays for Garza. Did they make the right move, we will know eventually. (c/o LoHud Yankees)

The World Series MVP moves to the Great American Launching Pad. (c/o Blog Red Machine)

Tiger Woods gets screwed out of his own video game. (c/o Switched)

I blame this gaffe on the racing organizers. #cmonson (c/o Break)

The Oracle really wants to be a NBA owner. As a Clipper fan, he ought to take the Clippers away from Donald Sterling. (c/o Forbes)

The continued lowdown on the Gift that Keeps on Giving. (c/o Quake Griffin)

Teams looking for a big to help them now have to look for other alternatives. (c/o Hardwood Houdini)

Yes, the Cavs are still way way behind in the Lebron recovery process. (c/o Akron Beacon Journal)

This deal is inevitable. All about dotting i's and crossing t's now. (c/o Monsters and Critics)

About time, Lebron. About time. (c/o Palm Beach Post)

Feel free to pick and choose GIFs to your heart's content. (c/o SB Nation)

Speaking of which, Donald Sterling is approaching Al Davis-level creepiness. (c/o Ball Don't Lie)

The Crosby waaahmbulance? Unfortunately for him, his commish seems to be ignorant unlike the overly aggressive NFL Commish. (c/o The Sporting News)

Lindy Ruff and 500. (c/o Sabre Nation)

Nice to know Ovie has been a role model for the young Russian hockey community. They start them early, I presume. (c/o Toronto Star)

Banning journalists to your locker room seems to be not the ideal way of ensuring no bad PR. (c/o Toronto Globe and Mail)

The beat goes on for the defending champs. (c/o Washington Post)

Buckeyes escape the grasp of the Gophers. (c/o Eleven Warriors)

Enes Kanter now fully ineligible. Still think he should explore the D-League route to the NBA. (c/o The Sports Jury) I am sure the Wildcats would have needed him against Georgia (c/o Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Wow. Penn State > Michigan State. (c/o Black Shoe Diaries)

A fan punching his team's player after the team pulls off an upset win? That's odd. (c/o The Sun)

Roy Hodgson is out at Liverpool. Seems to mirror failures of the Red Sox pre-2004. (c/o New York Times)

Sometimes, you just need to put everything in perspective and just chill. It's only a sport. (c/o NBC Chicago)

Yup. Only in America this happens. (c/o Fox 12 Oregon)

The First Sportsman gets called out by a UFC fighter. Must be a neat wrestling promo. (c/o Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

This is definitely for H-O-R-S-E material. (c/o Huffington Post)

He's definitely a bigshot lawya, I tell ya. (c/o Detroit Free Press)

Melissa Leo will be getting an Oscar nod because of her. Looks like she is in recovery. (c/o Boston Globe)

Bullfighting should go the PPV route now. It's the rage anyway... (c/o Off The Bench)

Something that Cabbage might interested to do in his neck of the woods. (The Guardian)

To end, here is a really great song by The Script, because I have nothing... nothing... nothing...

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