Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to Get Tickets to the Philippines vs Mongolia match in Bacolod?

I am reposting this from the Filipino Football: Read first then ask later.

Tickets for Mongolia match

Tickets for the Philippines vs Mongolia Grandstand match will be sold for P300 (4000 seats only). Pls send your reservations to: ( RE: Grandstand ticket reservation). This will be on a first come first serve basis only. Book and Buy. We will be providing bank details for payment. Those who sent emails for VIP reservations will need to confirm their intentions for Grandstand tickets, if you still want them. VIP tickets will be for PFF invited guests. No VIP tickets will be sold. We will be releasing rules on how to get VIP and Gen. Admin tickets. If you sent an email inquiring about Gen Admin tickets, pls read the Q&A posted in facebook. No phone in reservations pls.

PFF Facebook

From last week :

Q & A for PANAAD tickets Philippine (white home jersey) vs Mongolia

1.Gen. admission tickets are free on a first come first serve basis for the first 10,000 fans all over the Philippines.
2. VIP tickets will be announced soon.

Q: I am from Manila how can I get a ticket
A: Check the Philippine Football Federation facebook page
Q: My family booked our tickets to Bacolod. We want to watch. How can I get a ticket for sure. Sayang naman kung booked na kami sa PAL?
A. Send an email to No group reservations and first come first serve applies.
Q:I want to reserve VIP tickets how do I do it?
A: Pls visit the facebook page. Instructions will be posted
Q: Are VIP tickets free?
A: The PFF will announce VIP tickets next week
Q: I am the President of a multinational company. I am a VIP. Pls send me my tickets.
A: Yes sir. I will send your tickets. When can we get your donation for the Azkals?
Q:I want to reserve for my group of 20. When can I get my tickets
A: Tickets for Gen Admission are free. First come first serve basis
Q: If you send an email will you get a confirmation back that you have a ticket.
A: Yes we have been responding to ticket requests already.
Q: I want to know how much the airline tickets, hotel rooms and game tickets? Can you book them for me pls.
A: PAL and other airlines have on-line booking. We are putting together a list of local hotels in Bacolod. You can call them directly and reserve your rooms. Game tickets: Pls read the earlier post for game tickets.

Unfortunately the PFF is not an authorized travel agent of any major airline flying to and from Bacolod.

There are some funny ones also. I hope this Q&A helps some people.

If you are from outside Bacolod, and would like to get a ticket? Pls send an email to to get on the list. To be fair to others, we will not allow a person to request for group tickets. A group is more than 1 person.

If you are from Bacolod? Pls wait for local announcements or visit the PFF facebook page. Tickets will be on a first come first serve basis.

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