Monday, January 17, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - 1/17 edition

Welcome to the latest edition of The Victory Formation

Today is a special holiday. After all, it is Martin Luther King Day today. In sports terms, that means a lot of matinee games in the NBA.

Of course, he was the man who championed the Civil Rights Movement and nonviolence.

Meanwhile, like I said last week, I did have my brief 2-day vacation to Ho Chi Minh City. I went with my fellow family members. The days were pretty much checking out the marketplace. But as per Cabbage's advice, I did find a coolie hat. Unfortunately, I really wanted to go inside the museums, but I never got the chance. Hope for a next time. But I did take a lot of pictures during the stay.

Here forth are the links:

Yup. The Patriots endured the agony of defeat. (c/o New York Daily News)

Sure fulfilled Star Wars references like this one. (c/o Shutdown Corner)

Deion Branch sourgraping? (c/o Boston Herald)

Wes Welker was benched (for a series, anyway). (c/o NFL Fanhouse)

Seahawks get a whiff of the reality. (c/o Chicago Tribune)

Pittsburgh outlasts Baltimore. Quote the Raven. Nevermore. (c/o Fox Sports) and the ratings showed (c/o TV By the Numbers).

Matty Ice out cold. (c/o Atlanta Journal-Constitution) and was a primetime hit (c/o The Hollywood Reporter).

Neatest thing about Bears-Packers: winner gets Halas Trophy. Then the winner goes for the Lombardi Trophy. (c/o Chicago Sun-Times)

What would you rather have? Incessant Big Ben talk or Incessant Jets talk? (c/o Newark Star-Ledger)

Rob Ryan will now attempt to unleash his powers on DeMarcus Ware. (c/o Just Blog Baby)

Sean McDermott is out in Philly. Could Jim Mora be on the horizon? (c/o PhillyBurbs)

NFL continues to be overprotective. (c/o The Red Zone)

Al Davis fined Tom Cable and Tom wants the money back. Good luck. (c/o The Inquisitr)

Time to reminisce the previous memories of the Super Bowl. (c/o WTKR News Channel 3)

Adrian Peterson causing trouble for someone. (c/o Now Public)

The Yankee indecision cost them Joba Chamberlain. A definite what-could-have-been. (c/o Sports Haze)

Clock now ticks for the St. Louis Cardinals. (c/o MLB Daily Dish) On the other hand, Cincinnati delayed theirs by three years. (c/o Red Reporter)

The Knicks are about to make their attempt to bolster assets for Carmelo. (c/o Real GM) The Nets really want to get him. (c/o CBS Sports)

Clippers beat both the Heat and Lakers in a span of week. (c/o Los Angeles Times) This is where Blake Griffin gets his first ejection. (c/o SB Nation) Must have been due after giving this to the Heat. (c/o Quake Griffin)

Spurs keep chugging along showing no mercy to a Denver team that desperately needs a break from the Carmelo drama. (c/o 48 Minutes of Hell)

The Heat are down to a Healthy One. Good thing they need this break right now. (c/o Miami Herald)

Probably the best news to arrive in Boston today. (c/o Enterprise News)

Case Keenum gets another shot at breaking a record. (c/o Houston Chronicle)

John Brantley will not leave Gainesville. (c/o Palm Beach Post)

Rich Rod's does good work in leaving Michigan. (c/o Detroit Free Press)

Pat Fitzgerald is staying on at Northwestern. (c/o Sporting News)

Nothing like a jilted lover venting. (c/o Sports by Brooks)

Obviously they did not hear about the Eastern Washington field. (c/o Prep Rally)

They have decided to dip in the uncertainty of the upcoming NFL season. (c/o Sports Illustrated)

Just thought about choosing the appropriate video, and so, enjoy the rest of your day.

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