Monday, January 24, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - 1/24 edition

Welcome to the latest edition of the Victory Formation.

I am writing this a little earlier than the usual time I am doing this. I have a football practice that I am supposedly am able to watch, observe and enjoy. Unfortunately, the effort it takes for me to whip up a post entails a lot of time. Thus, I can't watch. But I hope I can do something else instead.

Anyhow, the local blogosphere was caught off-guard by a certain article written by a known food blogger. Being a part of it here, it piqued my interest as to whom she is referring to. From what I see online and in the differing conversation streams, no one really knows or if they know, they're not telling. Reaction has been fast and quick all around. All I know is that this happens within traditional media and just made its entry into the online realm.

Meanwhile, I recently managed to stumble into a couple of musical documentaries, one about Woodstock that had Martin Scorsese's involvement and the other is the U2 documentary Rattle and Hum. Looking at the classic Woodstock footage was surreal considering the era and awesome artists who were there for the ride.

Let's go to the links, shall we?

Pittsburgh wins the AFC. (c/o USA Today)

Whole lotta humpin' going on. (c/o Huffington Post)

Which New York City landmark would you want to place a Terrible Towel in? (c/o Gothamist)

Mark Sanchez need to get this particular pick out of the way. (c/o Washington Post)

Packers win the NFC, looking to claim a trophy that has Lombardi's name. (c/o Oshkosh Northwestern)

Before we eviscerate Jay Cutler like they have (c/o San Francisco Chronicle & Shutdown Corner), let's wait for the MRI (c/o Football News Now). Then again, we all heard about Philip Rivers and his torn ACL against the Patriots.

So who was Caleb Hanie who pulled a Favre in the NFC Championship Game? (c/o Dallas Morning News)

I am definitely sure the Bengals wanted Carson Palmer to seek a trade. (c/o Scoop Du Jour)

Cam Newton seeking to imitate Ben Roethlisberger. (c/o ESPN)

Peyton Manning is deservedly going to be a very very rich man. (Stampede Blue)

Pictures always tell a thousand words. (c/o Albany Times Union)

Just one game today in The Association, with Melo getting his groove on. (c/o Indy Cornrows)

Please, take your time, Brandon. We do not want a repeat of your previous attempt to come back. (c/o ProBasketballTalk)

Kevin Durant puts the dagger on the Knicks. (c/o Hoopsworld)

Also yesterday, the Legend of Blake Griffin grows. (c/o Quake Griffin) He almost secured a triple-double against Golden State. (Los Angeles Times)

We all knew this will be inevitable in Miami. (c/o Miami Herald)

It has been 5 years since Kobe 81. (c/o Toronto Sun)

I am very very sure Mark Cuban is not yet finished with wheeling and dealing. (c/o Dallas Morning News)

Much like the Yankees, the Angels needed to show its fanbase that it made a big league splash in the offseason. (c/o Lookout Landing)

Sparky Anderson's number to be retired. (c/o Detroit Free Press)

Nolan Ryan setting a benchmark for the Rangers again to meet. (c/o Hardball Talk)

The Baseball Writers honoring three recently retired managers and others. (c/o Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Jeff Francoeur taking potshots at Citi Field. (c/o New York Daily News)

Oklahoma has made headway in the Fulmer's Cup. (c/o The Sporting News)

Norm Chow to return to the Beehive. (c/o Salt Lake Tribune)

Jayhawk streak ends at 69. (c/o Slam)

You guys have been ridiculing me for the Jeff Hornacek stuff, but he might be the one who can replace him. (c/o The Big Lead)

At least they faced off on the men's court. Should be for the women's court also. (c/o New York Times)

Well, Mark Emmert, you will have to change our assumptions on that. (c/o NCAA Basketball Fanhouse)

Gus Johnson has to call this fight. He just has to. (c/o Sportsnewser)

If you ever paid for this fight, I hope you get your money back. (c/o Boxing News 24)

Andy Roddick exits again. (c/o Seattle Times)

Kim Clijsters corrects 1/2 of the Woodies. (c/o The Daily Telegraph)

Caroline Wozniacki is not boring. (c/o Busted Racquet)

Remember Luis Suarez? He's coming to England. (c/o Caught Offside)

Manchester United going Qatari? (c/o The Guardian)

Hat trick for Arsenal. (c/o The Daily Mail)

Gnarly waves, dude. (c/o Grind TV)

Maybe I should look into her regimen to lose weight. (c/o WTKR)

Evgeni Nabokov does not want to play for an also-ran. (c/o Albany Times Union)

Here is a simple footage from classic Woodstock.

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