Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TWTWTNBA: The Southeast Division All-Star Roster Pool

All-Star Voting for the Starters ended on Sunday, with the final ballot numbers to be released on Thursday in TNT at Madison Square Garden (Friday for those in the Motherland). Heat vs Knicks being the reason why Ernie and his crew will be in Broadway instead of their cushy Atlanta studios. A week after that, the All-Star Reserves are to be named.

Now, if the Southeast Division were to set up an All-Star team of their own, this would be their logical pool of candidates:

Atlanta Hawks - Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Al Horford, Jamal Crawford

Charlotte Bobcats - Gerald Wallace, Stephen Jackson, DJ Augustine

Miami Heat - Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, Chris Bosh

Orlando Magic -  Dwight Howard, Jameer Nelson, Jason Richardson, Hidayet Turkoglu

Washington Wizards - John Wall

Based from this, I believe this would be their roster composition.

Coach: Erik Spoelstra - They're leading the division right now. Plus, does not hurt to have someone with the same heritage. (Yup, his roots trace back to the Motherland).


Guard: Dwayne Wade - He's still the King in South Beach.

Guard: Joe Johnson - Still overpaid, but Atlanta would beg to differ with you and say he's worth every penny.

Forward: Lebron James - He took his talents to South Beach and apparently took every offensive tool of Cleveland with him.

Forward: Josh Smith - Quite simply, J-Smooth is the main attraction of the Highlight Factory.

Center: Dwight Howard - In all likelihood will be winning Defensive Player of the Year trophies for a while. The fruits of working out with Patrick Ewing and Hakeem Olajuwon are showing. Plus, he's taking a more leadership role with the team. However, he's still going to be a kid at heart.


Forward: Gerald Wallace - Plays hard. Is all out, that's why he's called Crash. He needs to be rescued off Charlotte and be placed with a contender (this screams Mark Cuban) or a team with a gaping hole at one of the forward spots (like my Clippers or Oklahoma City).

Forward: Chris Bosh - He's the anti-Gerald Wallace. In spite of all his talents, he'd still rather chill than hustle.

Guard: Jamal Crawford - The defending 6th Man of the Year shows why he needs to get paid.

Center: Al Horford - I still believe that even with the hype all around Joakim Noah (and I like Noah), he's the best piece on the Florida 04's.

Forward: Hidayet Turkoglu - Back where he belongs. Reminds us that sometimes, we should not allow the wives to make the decisions for you all the time. (Hope LaLa gets that message.)

Guard: John Wall - The Future in Washington lies with him.

Guard: Stephen Jackson - Better numbers compared to his former Golden State teammate.

Inactive Roster:
Guard: Jason Richardson - The final spot was either he or Stephen Jackson. I just decided to take Captain Jack instead.

Guard: DJ Augustine - Definitely thriving in the uptempo-friendly post-Larry Brown era.

Guard: Jameer Nelson - Role has now been reduced a little bit with Hedo being back as the point forward.

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