Saturday, January 8, 2011

TWTWTNBA: Western Conference Christmas / New Year Wish List

It's the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 and we already know the good, the bad and probably the ugly in the current 2010 season. So, it is appropriate to compose the not-so-weekly-post that I do. The center of conversation would be what Santa Stern would give to the teams in theory for Christmas? Or what would their New Year's resolution would be? Here's a small sample size.


Denver - To secure what really is the most beneficial solution involving Carmelo Anthony. Then proceed accordingly.

Minnesota - For them to really figure out what they ought to be doing with the rights to Ricky Rubio. For Kevin Love to possibly win the rebounding title. Peace of mind for Michael Beasley.

Oklahoma City - Air Congo possibly making a surprise presence at the Dunk Contest. Maintaining team chemistry as the kids get better.

Portland - A top tier medical staff to address specifically the needs of Greg Oden and Brandon Roy and in Greg's case, a sports psychologist. A new team for Rudy Fernandez (and possibly Andre Miller). Probably the wherewithal to tell Brandon Roy to rest.

Utah - A Jerry Sloan Coach of the Year Trophy. Find the true successor to Jeff Hornacek.


Dallas - As of the moment, with Dirk on the mend, the last thing they need is another injury. And then Caron happened.

Houston - A return on investment for Yao Ming.

Memphis - To be more mature and handling chemistry issues. Fights like what happened between OJ Mayo and Tony Allen need to be avoided.

New Orleans - For everything to be right with Chris Paul's knee. For the NBA to do the right thing with how they are to handle their ownership of the Hornets.

San Antonio - Quite simply, for the health of their key guys. Duncan is obviously is slowly into the David Robinson fade phase.


Golden State - An All-Star berth for Monta Ellis. And a constant effort from everyone on the defensive end. Credit for Dorell Wright earning his paycheck with his play.

Defending Champs - For Andrew Bynum to just get it. And after how they got blown out by the Grizz, for someone to knock some sense into them, as per Phil.

Los Angeles - For Blake Griffin to continue to be the gift that keeps on giving. A Baron Davis that is happy to accept the role as a facilitator and defer to Eric Gordon and Blake.

Phoenix - A Vince Carter that would be reinvigorated via the Steve Nash osmosis. Marcin Gortat being the guy that Mark Cuban wanted to get.

Sacramento - A Demarcus Cousins with his head screwed on straight.

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