Monday, January 31, 2011

TWTWTNBA: The Pacific Division All-Star Roster Pool

All-Star Voting for the Starters ended on Sunday, with the final ballot numbers to be released on Thursday in TNT at Madison Square Garden (Friday for those in the Motherland). Heat vs Knicks being the reason why Ernie and his crew will be in Broadway instead of their cushy Atlanta studios. A week after that, the All-Star Reserves are to be named.

Now, if the Pacific Division were to set up an All-Star team of their own, this would be their logical pool of candidates:

Golden State Warriors - Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry, David Lee, Dorell Wright

Los Angeles Clippers - Eric Gordon, Blake Griffin, Baron Davis

Los Angeles Lakers - Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom

Phoenix Suns -  Steve Nash, Grant Hill, Vince Carter

Sacramento Kings - Tyreke Evans, DeMarcus Cousins

Based from this, I believe this would be their roster composition.

Coach: Phil Jackson - He has 11 rings as a coach and 2 as a player. That's all.


Guard: Steve Nash - The two-time MVP is the only reason why Phoenix is relevant.

Guard: Kobe Bryant - The Black Mamba recently celebrated the 5th anniversary of 81.

Forward: Lamar Odom - Khloe's husband was definitely rejuvenated by playing for Team USA. His role there also helped him with his role in LA. He's in near double-double territory.

Forward: Blake Griffin - He's just simply the gift that keeps on giving. There's already Clipper merchandise available dubbing him as "The Poster Child."

Center: Pau Gasol - He is the early season MVP for the defending champs, with Kobe having a slow start.


Guard: Monta Ellis - He's ballin' at a ridiculous level. Apparently, only a moped can derail him.

Center: David Lee - He's an offensive upgrade compared to what they had previously. Plus, the Warriors went in the tank when he was sidelined.

Guard: Tyreke Evans - Plagued with plantar fasciatis, he's still producing numbers harkening to his 20-5-5 ROY.

Guard: Stephen Curry - Hard to argue with the numbers. He really can shoot the lights out.

Forward: Dorell Wright - Golden State needed a small forward. He needed to prove himself. Perfect match.

Guard: Baron Davis - He definitely needs to thank Blake Griffin for re-energizing him as well as figuring out his new role as a distributor first and scorer second. (Update: This was supposed to be Eric Gordon, but he's injured)

Forward: Grant Hill - I will take him over Vince Carter. The wonders of the Phoenix Suns Medical Staff at work.

Inactive Roster:

Guard: Eric Gordon - Beneath all the flash of Blake Griffin is a smooth suave killer instinct Ambrose provides for Clipper Nation. He's now ready to take over games. (Update: He's out until the All-Star break, so I moved him here.)

Guard: Vince Carter - I just don't know how he can be revived. What started out with a bang will end on a whimper.

Center: DeMarcus Cousins - If only he can get his head screwed on straight. Definitely needs mentoring from someone with similar attributes: Zach Randolph

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