Monday, January 3, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - 1/3 edition


Happy New Year and welcome to the first Monday of 2011 here in the Victory Formation.

Yes I know, people dread this day. I do, too. The first workday of the year. I do wish that everyone has shaken off their hangovers and are ready to help build a better future everywhere across the world, because after all, we are part of a global marketplace. And as such, it is important for me to go forth and make a good impression to give 2011 a great start.

As it is with every New Year, most people have their so-called New Year's Resolutions. I have never ever been a fan of them, especially because I don't really fulfill those (by the end of the week or the month, even). Instead, I would go about setting modest goals that I could strive for.

Some people have viewed me as a disappointment and feel that I have been a letdown. That I have been unable to meet the expectations being set before me. That I have brought shame and disrepute. I just say that there have been times that I do slack off and I do commit to be the best that I can be for you, for me and for the entire human race.

Then again, one just shakes it off and it is...

Hereforth are the links that will make your mornings worthwhile.

First, we wish Cabbage a safe trip back to Croatia. All things looking clear for him. (c/o Dalje)

Today is Black Monday. All we need is Vince McMahon or Donald Trump to say the magic words. (c/o The Sporting News)

Who knew the Raiders would finish unbeaten in division play? (c/o San Jose Mercury News)

Tim Tebow may have something to build on, eh? (c/o NFL Fanhouse) and he might have some guidance coming his way. (c/o Opposing Views)

Jaaaaaash Freeman barely missed, but they have something to build for next season. (c/o The Ledger) The Giants eased them out of the picture. (c/o the Washington Post) It was not long, though before the Packers eased them out as well. (c/o Sports Illustrated)

The Falcons secure homefield. (c/o Atlanta Journal-Constitution) And Tom Brady probably secured the MVP. (c/o Blog Critics)

The Seahawks win the play-in game. A 7-9 Division winner and probable cannon fodder for the defending champs. (c/o The Olympian)

We'll believe it when we'll see it, Brett. (c/o Crave Online)

We all want a piece of the Law of Gus Johnson (c/o Awful Announcing)

Randy Edsall named as the new Terps coach. (c/o The Day)

Charlie Weis wants to fix his college resume. (c/o The Independent Florida Alligator)

Rob Bolden wants to leave Happy Valley (c/o Nittany Lines)

Miami (OH) looks like they got another keeper of a coach. (c/o Lansing State Journal). Meanwhile, their old coach got canned that quickly. (c/o Sportsrageous)

Looks like JoePa's gonna hit the recruiting trail (c/o Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

Cause of major concern for the Mavericks. Especially when Dirk is still on the mend (c/o Dallas Morning News)

Lakers are a mess right now and Kobe knows it. (c/o Pro Basketball Talk)

Canadian Hockey advances thanks to some Swiss cheese defense. (c/o NHL Fanhouse)

More Bud for Bud. (c/o Chicago Tribune)

Why people should not allow indiscriminate firing of guns to celebrate the New Year. (c/o Fox News)

This is to channel your inner Jean Claude Van Damme or Chuck Norris. (c/o Cracked)

So the former-player-turned-executive concept has now invaded MMA. (c/o With Leather)

And to part... Here's a little homage to the Prodigy.

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